That scene is a perfect representation of who he is.  We dated for six months and were married on November 11th, 1995.  He has been my best friend, biggest supporter and perfect husband for the past 20 years.  Every year he asks if he can renew his marraige contract another year.  I always smile and answer "Yes, please!"  

Nine months and two weeks after we were married we welcomed our first son, Asa, into the world.  Now twenty years old, he has inherited  my creative genes.  He is a singer/songwriter and hopes to go to college to major in music and minor in ministry.  

Hello!  Welcome to my website... a glimpse of my world. You will find that most of my art will fit into 7 different groups. They include portraits (many of my own family), scenes of Mount Dora, FL., Wine & music, nature, whimsical scenes, abstracts and faith. 

I was born in Lafayette, Louisiana, and have a great affection for my Cajun heritage.  I was raised in a small town of Wexford, PA. Al Spekis, a young man in his first year of teaching, encouraged me (at twelve years of age) to focus on drawing and painting.  In 1983 I headed to Tampa, FL . Where I graduated with a fine arts degree from the University of South Florida.  For the first few years after graduating I focused on becoming a portrait artist.  In 1995 I met and married my husband, Andrew Sellers.  While raising three little boys Amy kept very busy painting and selling her art via the internet.  In 2002 our middle son, Andrew, was diagnosed with Autism.  In an effort to help him learn the meanings of words, Amy created several rhyming stories with fun whimsical paintings.  When a collection of 12 were completed she put them into a self-published book, Hurray for Rhyme It's  Story Time, and started a 501(C)3 charity called the "Out of the Rain Society" assisting children and families affected by Autism.  While selling the books to fund the charity, she was taken under the wing of the world-famous motivational speaker Les Brown.  With his help I was able to reach the endowement level for the charity.  During this time I enjoyed illustrating children's books for other people.

In 2003 my family and I moved to a small farm in Apopka, FL.  Once again I focused on painting and selling art and children's books via the internet.  Our family had a great time with horses and country living.  It was a magical place to raise our three young sons.    

In n2011 we found a small 225 sq foot retail space for rent.  It had always been a dream of mine to have a retail gallery in which to sell my art.  We moved once again and opened a small gallery in Mount Dora, FL.  Since that time I have expanded the gallery several times.  I offer many different styles of paintings, including historic scenes of downtown Mount Dora, and a line of children's books published by JLB Creatives Publishing.  Today I can be found most days painting by the window in her gallery.  Many of my works can be seen on this website.  

Call 352-383-1102 to place your order.



I am excited to share with you who my family is via my paintings found in this website.  The portraits of my family represent the most important part of me.   My life (in my mind) started the day I met my husband Andrew.  I was 27 years old and working as a production manager and designer at a sign shop in Casselberry, FL.  The portrait shown on the left is my husband, Andrew, reading "The Magic of Thinking Big" by David J. Schwartz.